Selenite Spiral Unicorn Horn
Indigo Cruz Creations

Selenite Spiral Unicorn Horn

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Selenite Unicorn horn spiral 6"-7".

This is not the exact piece, It will be intuitively chosen for you. 💜

Selenite is of the mineral gypsum and displays a stunning translucent to transparent white color. Heavenly in its presence and reminiscent of a cloud, selenite represents tranquility, purity, and cleanliness. Selenite can be used with the third eye chakra, accessing other realms, parallel worlds, and lucid dreaming. Enjoy selenite and its calming qualities daily and return to a peaceful state of mind.

-Associated with the third eye and sacral chakra, enhancing psychic abilities and cleansing the body of negative vibrations

-Illuminating crystal that is perfect for decorating, gift-giving, or carrying with you



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