About Us

Hello! My name is Sarah! Indigo Cruz Creations was created in 2016 from a vision I had during an Astral Projection class. The vision was me making soy wax candles with a surprise crystal inside. Today my vision and dream are now my reality. I am forever grateful for all of you for helping make this happen.

Since I was a child, I had a passion for crystals, not only for the stones themselves, but for spreading their energy. My Mom would take me to the crystal fairs, eventually she found out that I was trading quality gems with all with my neighbor friends for "street rocks". Still years later I find myself oohing and aahing in disbelief that Mother Earth can make such unique and special creations. The joy I find in helping these crystals reach their forever homes is extraordinary.

The name Indigo Cruz Creations:

Indigo - The color of the Third Eye Chakra. I resonate strongest with this Chakra and I use this intuition to help choose the tools and Crystals that would be best for someone.

Cruz - This is my beautiful daughter's middle name. She was only 7 months old when Indigo Cruz Creations was created. Her love for crystals has blown me away. I hope one day soon to be working side by side with her.

Creations - My heart is happiest when I am creating. I love making my candles or other crystal inspired tools to share with you all.


Thank you all for your love and support!