Rose Quartz Tower
Rose Quartz Tower
Indigo Cruz Creations

Rose Quartz Tower

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Rose quartz is the cotton candy pink variety of quartz, resembling a cheerful pink cloud with a fibrous appearance with white interplay. Rose quartz is associated with the heart chakra and is known as the “lover’s stone.” Quartz is the master healer of the gemstones, perfect for pairing with other stones during metaphysical practices. This gorgeous stone represents femininity and feelings of peace, purifying the air and creating a zen vibe.

Rose quartz is a durable stone, which makes it perfect for everyday appreciation.

-Associated with the heart and throat chakra, restoring trust

-Opens the line of communication

 -Restores warm feelings in any relationship

-Mends friendships, family relationships, and love relationships.

-Helps promote healthy relationships, affection, and commitment.




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