Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite
Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite
Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite
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Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite

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70g Apophyllite and Peach Stilbite


Allow the soothing, healing presence of apophyllite into your life. Apophyllite resembles soft clouds on a clear day with its cottony appearance, displaying a unique translucent, prismatic crystal structure appreciated by any avid gem collector. Apophyllite enhances positive energy in any situation in life, gently removing negative vibrations with its uplifting presence.

Apophyllite is associated with the third eye and crown chakra. Have a goal you would like to accomplish? Apophyllite will help you see the fastest way to accomplish your goal with amplified discernment and intuition.

-Associated with the crown and third eye chakra, awakening intuition and psychic abilities 
-Aids with healing work for the body and spirit
-Remarkable white color unlike other crystals
-Known as a collector’s crystal

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